Access Control

Lenel Access Control, Lenel OnGuard, S2 Access Control, Fastlane Speedgates

Access Control

Securing assets is a major focus for international businesses and collaborative efforts between security and IT managers are more and more commonplace when it comes to protecting both buildings and the equipment within them. Key to this is access control. Driven by rising concerns over public and private sector safety, the access control market is set to be worth a substantial $8.6 billion by 2018.

HAE Access Control and Biometrics product allows you to identify and compare a range of integrated access control systems, readers, controllers and software systems.

These systems utilise the latest technology to provide solutions, giving the greatest degree of flexibility at a reasonable cost. We also use hardware which is TCP/IP enabled to allow easy integration with existing networks. We also supply a wide range of ID cards and card systems to meet our client's needs.

As security systems become more sophisticated, with the technological advance of digital products and networks, we have established a technical team to assist with system design, and liaise with client IT Departments. Systems installed includes Lenel, S2, Gallagher, Kantech and Axxess ID.

All Access Controlled equipment is installed to NSI, British and International Standards.

We also provide a comprehensive Service and Maintenance facility which can be tailored to meet individual client needs.